Led Grow Bar Light 25 Watts - Waterproof to IP65
[Bar Light 25]

This high quality led light replaces a 54 watt T-5. Coverage approximately 30cm x 70cm
    This high quality light utilizes:
  • 18 Cree leds in a ratio of 1 Blue,
  • 3 Standard Red, 2 Hyper Red (660nm).
  • Each led is fitted with a 60 degree lens to concentrate the light on the plants.
This is a great general purpose spectrum suitable for all stages of plant growth and flowering, but because of the power output, we recommend them especially for seedlings, clones and home herb gardens.

The light is industrial quality, designed for use in large nurseries and greenhouses. It is made of high quality anodized aluminum and carries an IP65 water resistance rating. In addition the circuit board and electronics have been further protected by coating them with a clear polymer resin (known as “potting”), making it ideal for professional use in a greenhouse environment.

The large surface area of the case combined with heat sink fins on the top allows for extremely effective passive cooling with the light operating only about 10C above air temperature, much lower than most fan cooled lights.

  • Waterproof to IP65
  • Actual power is 25 watts
  • Size 60cm (including mounting flanges 64 cm) x 12cm x 4cm.
  • Includes 72 watt power supply and power cable.
  • Has 2cm wide mounting brackets/flanges with 3 x holes per side for screws or hanging cables.
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